Health and Fitness Success – 7 Easy Tips

Two weeks ago today I dramatically pushed back the limits of my running. In one morning I went from a best distance of 12km in an hour and fifteen minutes (done on a treadmill in my gym), to running 12 miles round a Welsh lake, at a better pace than I have done in the gym, and without stopping.To achieve this is used several personal development techniques. How did I do this, and how can you use these same techniques to achieve your exercise goal?Inspiring Health and FitnessKeeping me going was my overall inspiring health and fitness goal. This goal is to run the Flora London Marathon 2007. I realized if I could not run the 12 miles, how could I run 26? I also realized that if I could achieve this leap in distance then the marathon should be mine. It was my desire to cross the line next April that kept me going every step of the way. Besides, twice round the lake would be a marathon! If I could do one lap, surely I could do two laps?To Do: You need to have a health and fitness goal that is achievable, but sufficiently high to excite and stretch you.Mentoring and EncouragementOne of the biggest things that helped me to achieve this breakthrough was the encouragement and advice of an experienced marathon runner (my mentor for the run). But above all my mentor ran every step of the way with me. Having someone tell you that you can do something that you previously thought impossible, and the person telling you this being qualified to do so is very powerful. You have no excuse for not pushing your boundaries. When this person then goes every step of the way with you, advising and encouraging you it is even more powerful. Having a mentor can be one of the most powerful tools for personal development you can use.To Do: Find someone who is qualified to take you one step further towards you health and fitness goal, and ask them to take that step with you.Score KeepingI kept score at regular intervals along the run by checking my heart rate on my heart rate monitor. One of my aims was to run the distance within a set heart rate range. I congratulated myself every time my watch showed I was within that range. In this way I was scoring myself to achieve a regular pace. I am glad to say I got a perfect score by the finish line.To Do: Decide on a way to score yourself, and stick to it. Celebrate every time you win!.Goal Setting and RewardsThroughout the run I kept setting goals such as “get to the castle” or “make it to the dam” or near the end I was saying “just to the next lamppost.” In this way I broke the 12 miles down into manageable chunks, and would celebrate each time I achieved my goal. I also had the overriding goals of running all the way (no walking or stopping) and setting a good pace, all of which I achieved.To Do: Break you next exercise session into tiny goals, and reward yourself every time you achieve these mini goals.DistractionRunning for 2 hours and 10 minutes was just as much a mental challenge as physical. My mind was full of doubts and my body full of aches, and part of it was just plain boring. So how did I cope? One way was by distracting myself. I remembered wonderful holidays, focused on a particular lamb or tree that I was running towards, or visualized the Power of Intention falling from the sky and filling me with great energy and endurance. Anything to take my mind off how I felt and how much more there was to go.To Do: Plan in advance to remember something exciting, and remember it in vivid detail.Power of IntentionI have been listening to at CD set in my car called The Power of Intention by Wayne W Dyer. The CDs talk of us being made out of and part of a universal energy. That universal energy is always available for us to use. I am still not quite sure what to make of this yet, but while running I called upon this energy to fill me. I finished, so it worked didn’t it? Perhaps, but at the very least it worked as a mental distraction.To Do: Find a cassette or CD to listen to that will give you a more positive outlook for your activity.Peer PressureFrom deciding to do the run on the Friday, to actually doing it on the Sunday, I made sure I told every one of the 55 people I was camping with that weekend, that I would “run the lake.” This set up a huge amount of peer pressure for me. If I failed the run I would painfully and publicly fail BIG. This created a powerful incentive for me to succeed in the run. Also as a result of succeeding the run after telling everyone, a lot of respect was generated which translated into a large number of sponsorships for the charity I am running for St Ann’s Hospice.To Do: Increase peer pressure on yourself by telling everyone what you plan to do, and ask them to check up on you later to make sure you have done it.As you can see I was able to use many personal development techniques in order to take me from the initial challenge to run the lake, to actually running it and running it well. Without the use of the above techniques I would have been less likely to finish. The techniques dramatically increased my chance of success, and I’ll continue to use them till I cross that London Marathon finish line (and beyond). Make sure you use these techniques too.

Why a Health and Fitness Joint Venture Might Be Right For You

Are you struggling to build a client list for your health and fitness products? Many vendors discover that it is a great deal harder to build their client database than they imagined it might be. But there is a way forward that many are finding highly useful in their efforts to expand their business. This is the idea of participating in joint ventures.So what is a joint venture? It is simply and agreement between two or more parties to share in the workload for a project, by exploiting the strengths of each party to get done what would be difficult or impossible to achieve by the other member(s) of the partnership.Joint ventures are not for everyone. You do have to be prepared to give up control of part of a project, which is something that many entrepreneurs finding disconcerting. But it might also be the ONLY way that you can get past some of the limitations that keep you from jumping into a project that looks promising but which you do not feel adequately prepared to complete.When you leave the offline world to come online in search of a larger audience for your products you find that there are many new skills you need to add to your repertoire. You can outsource many of these if you have neither the time nor the expertise to complete a portion of the work. But there are some components of a project for which is it virtually impossible to find an experienced outsourcer who does not cost an arm and a leg to hire.It is times like these when the idea of a joint venture comes to mind. Perhaps you are skilled in the art of hypnosis and you can remove the desire to smoke in about ninety-five percent of the clients you take on. You can record your hypnosis sessions, but your competitors are providing their clients with more than audio files. They have ebooks that explain the elements of addiction and follow them up with case studies and scientific findings. To compete successfully you are going to have to create similar content. The problem is, writing and researching are not your strong points.So where do you find someone with the matching talent? If you are lucky you will be able to locate a group of like-minded health and fitness professionals, and then poke around in the group until you discover someone that might be able to provide the skill set you need to complete the project. Unfortunately the number of places that you can find these people is somewhat limited.This is something I discovered for myself when I began looking around for people to work with after I started developing my own online health and fitness products. Then it occurred to me that perhaps I should create my own member database of joint venture partners. If this sounds like something you could benefit from because you too are a health and fitness vendor, why not get across to my registration page and sign up for access to like minded professionals? Membership costs nothing and you can grab a free copy of “Attract More Health And Fitness Affiliates” when you stop by.

Are Holiday Packages Good Idea For a Weekend Holiday

The travel industry is growing day by day. Being a Multi-Billion Dollar business, many economies depend on growth of this industry. India too has seen increase a tremendous growth in Tourism and Hospitality sector and is banking on a further growth in this sector Year on year.Growing Tourism Industry has given growth to many operators providing various tours and weekend holiday packages. With so many offers it sometimes becomes confusing in deciding a vacation plan that will fulfill your dream. This can be avoided with appropriate and timely planning and little bit of research. When you do this you will surely get the maximum out of your travel budget and still come with fabulous memories. If you are stressed out and in need of some great advice on a fantastic Weekend Getaway or a Holiday that fulfills dreams of your family, please do feel free to call our Holiday Specialists to offer you an itinerary that you will never regret.How to decide Weekend VacationMost of the times we prefer to go by our own for weekend tours. Is it a bad idea?Probably not, but suppose if you plan for a destination where you never been before and have no idea of the excitements that the destination has to offer along with the over all cost that will finally hit your pocket then you do not have much choice but to regret.So we advice you to consult a Holiday Specialist, who can really plan for your trip and ensure that it suits your expectation and costs you what you can afford. When to choose package weekend toursFirst of all plan:
-Make list of members included in trip
-Find out the accommodation, meals, traveling and site seeing costing.Once you are aware of probable costing for weekend trip including holiday accommodation, then it will be good to compare it with the packages available. With little bit of research you can get information of holiday package costing and if the package costing is much less then the estimate of your individual holiday budget then isn’t it good idea to choose the package.With weekend holiday packages you will not have to bother for meals, accommodation, transportation, site seeing enquiry as most of the packages includes all these.
Even if you have been to the destination then it will still be good to know about packages available with various travel agencies.If you plan to have a budget holiday, let this not bother you as by planning you can get away for much less than you think.In India many travel agencies announce various weekend vacations or just site seeing packages for various travel destinations. Hence it is not difficult to get to know about vacation packages which suit your budget.Budget holiday accommodationSo you along with your family members plan to visit your relatives or friends as your weekend vacation. And you need is budget hotel to stay. For this you will look for budget holiday accommodation; best way to find out best deals via online or just calling travel agency near you.If you are traveling with large family members, always enquire if the hotel has a family suite available. These can cost less and have more bed space.In India you will find many packages for weekend holidays that will come within your budget, all you will be needing is to check for best deals and find out trusting booking agency.Weekend vacation is mainly planned: -When you feel stressed with heavy work and need to get relaxed
-When you feel to spend time together with your family members
-When you have to travel on relative or friends invitation to attend function
– To travel to a place when there is a festival.Reason for weekend plan may be any but the idea is to have fun fill holiday. Choosing package carefully will make your weekend holiday exciting.Useful TipsSpend time online; sit down with your travel agent to find you a vacation package which suits your budget. Do enquire about any specials from your booking agent and mention your memberships if you have any, this can provide you a better rate.